UF PRO Striker X Combat Pants Steel Grey

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UF PRO Striker X Combat Pants Steel Grey

UF PRO Striker X Combat Pants are designed to meet the demands of military special-forces units. Extreme rugged construction, super-spacious pocket configuration, and knee protection that’s both reliable and comfortable. Together they make Striker X the ultimate combat pants for military operatives.

Streamlined construction means minimal risk that your Striker X Combat Pants will snag on a branch or become caught on barbed wire. And to maximize durability, we double-reinforced them at every point where they could conceivably tear, split, or break (but even if they ever do, all crucial elements of these incredible tactical pants are field-repairable with thread and needle).

Say goodbye to combat pants with knee pads that rub your skin raw or otherwise cause discomfort. The unique Striker X 3-layer knee-pad system boasts streamlined design elements that let you regulate the amount of protection you get while ensuring your freedom of movement.

Sooner or later you’ll be in a situation where it could be useful to increase or decrease roominess around the knees. Easily fine-tune the knee width of your Striker X Combat Pants by making a strap adjustment (and when you’re done, those straps securely stow so they can’t catch on protruding objects you brush past).

Striker X Combat Pants offer awesome comfort—and move right along with you as you stand, sit, crouch, kneel, lay, curl, march, run, dodge, jump, and crawl. Extremely durable Schoeller stretch panels placed in all the right areas are the secret that lets these outstanding combat pants follow you in lockstep.



  • Pocket configuration:
    • 2X Front pockets
    • 2X Back pockets
    • 1X Safety pocket
    • 2X Multi-functional, two-way access side pocket with elastic retentions
    • 2X Thigh pocket with a tuck-lock retention system
    • 2X Mag / knife / marker pocket
    • 2X Large lower leg pockets
  • Rubber line on the inside of the pants for securing your shirt
  • CORDURA® reinforced double belt loops
  • Schoeller-dynamic stretch in the upper back and buttocks
  • Stretch inserts in the waistband
  • Ergonomic UF PRO® 3-layer knee protection system lined with 37.5™ moisture wicking material
  • Knee width adjusters
  • Width-adjustable lower leg area
  • Double zipper pull fly
  • Inner zipper for detachable WINDSTOPPER® lining
  • CORDURA® reinforced instep and knees
  • Boot hook



  • 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Ripstop fabric (nyco ripstop)
  • Schoeller®- Dynamic: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elasthan
  • 100% CORDURA® fabric

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Striker X Combat Pants Steel Grey

UF PRO Striker X Combat Pants Steel Grey

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