Wet Blocker

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Woly Wet Blocker 300ml 

Woly Wet Blocker is a highly effective water repellent spray which can be used on all leathers and textiles, the ultimate protection from Oil, water, dirt and stains.

The benefits of using Woly Wet Blocker

– Simple, easy to use spray
– High-Performance Waterproofing
– All materials
– Immediate Results
– Prolongs the life of your footwear by protecting them from the elements

How to use Woly Wet Blocker

– After cleaning your chosen footwear, in a well-ventilated room (preferably outside), spray generously to the whole shoe – including a light spray over the sole
– Leave to dry, and if this is the first application spray a second time for maximum results


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Wet Blocker

Wet Blocker