Clomod T-shirt “VENI” Black

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Ring-spun cotton process is slightly different, you start with the same cotton fiber strands, they are continuously twisted

and thinned making a very fine rope of cotton fibers.

The twisting makes the short hairs of cotton stand out resulting in a much stronger yarn with a significantly softer feeling,

The more the fibers are spun the stronger and softer the yarn becomes.

Benefits of Ring-spun vs Regular Cotton T-shirt a 200Gsm Regular Cotton T-shirt may be heavier than a 165Gsm Ring-spun cotton

T-shirt , but the Ring spun cotton T-shirt may be more Durable and definitely a lot softer.


165Gsm fabric weight | 100% Ring-Spun Cotton | Comfort fit | Odourless material | Quick Dry


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Clomod T-shirt "VENI" Black

Clomod T-shirt “VENI” Black